Anxiety Treatment in Richardson, TX

It’s normal for people of any age and gender to experience anxiety in one form or another throughout their lives. In children, it could be when they’ve relocated to a new school. In adults, it could be when they’ve started a new job. Psychiatrists and mental health professionals all agree that anxiety is a part of life. But when the negative feelings and emotions that accompany that anxiety grow into something more life-altering, that’s when anxiety treatment in Richardson can help.

Anxiety Treatment Near You

You may not be able to put a name to the exact type of anxiety that you’re experiencing. The good news is that it’s not only normal to feel confused by your symptoms, but it’s something that our doctor can help you navigate with help from Texas Psychiatric Associate’s multi-disciplined approach to anxiety treatment.

Anxiety disorders run the gamut from agoraphobia to substance-induced anxiety and everything in between. When you visit our doctor for your first 60-minute appointment, it will include not only an evaluation of the type of anxiety you’re experiencing but a diagnosis and comprehensive treatment plan as well.

Some patients benefit from counseling as a single prong approach to anxiety treatment, while others benefit from a combination of counseling and medication management. Either way, you’ll find the help you need to live and move past your anxiety when you contact our doctor for anxiety treatment near you in Richardson.

Benefit from Our Multi-Disciplinary Care

Anxiety is usually not experienced as a singular event. Often, there are corroborating circumstances and events that are intertwined with panic episodes such as fear, anger, depression, diet, medications, underlying health concerns such as a thyroid condition, and more.

For that reason, it’s especially helpful to partner with our Richardson psychiatrist who specializes in attention deficit disorders, disruptive behavior disorders, mood disorders, autism spectrum disorders, depression, and all other psychotic disorders in addition to anxiety. That way, you can receive the complete care you need from one central location. Call us now to schedule an appointment so you can be one step closer to receiving anxiety treatment near you.

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