Insomnia in Richardson, TX

Are sleepless nights starting to get you down? Is your performance at work or school declining because you lack the energy you once had? Does your child crawl into your bed most nights because they’re experiencing insomnia?

Those can be classic symptoms of insomnia, but the condition can also be more insidious and difficult to diagnose and treat without medical management and a multi-disciplinary approach to both your physical health and your mental health.

The truth behind insomnia is that in almost all cases, the condition is a symptom of another problem, and getting to the root of that problem on your own can often be as difficult as getting a full 8-hours of sleep at night.

Common Medical Reasons for Insomnia

Chronic insomnia in Richardson may be associated with medical conditions such as prescribed and over-the-counter medications, chronic pain, cancer, mental health disorders, diabetes, heart disease, and more.

And even though age-related insomnia is common among older adults, insomnia in teens and children can be equally problematic in heightening the risk of long-term disease and other conditions.

Every person who is experiencing insomnia in Richardson will experience it differently, but the good news is that our doctor is board-certified to diagnose and treat insomnia in every age demographic through compassionate counseling and caring medication management.

Insomnia Accompanies Depression

Insomnia is one of the primary indicators that a person is experiencing the effects of depression since the condition can change chemicals within the brain.

Another interesting fact about insomnia is that it can be hereditary — just as depression can be. Because of that, our doctor will ask about your family history during your first 60-minute appointment for insomnia treatment near you.

Our mission at Texas Psychiatry Associates is to provide individualized, comprehensive psychiatric services to children, adolescents, and adults, and that means taking a complete look at family history. Included in your treatment for insomnia near you will be an evaluation, diagnosis, and a comprehensive treatment plan.

Make an appointment today for insomnia treatment near you from Texas Psychiatry Associates.

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