Mood Disorders

Mood Disorders in Richardson, TX

In layman’s terms, a mood disorder is an emotional state or mood that is not only inconsistent with an individual’s environment or immediate circumstances but one that negatively impacts their ability to perform or function in a normal manner.

Because each individual who is experiencing mood disorders in Richardson will describe their symptoms in a different way, and knowing that mood disorders can manifest in patients of all ages and from a broad range of issues such as genetics, life events, medical illness, cognitive vulnerability, and more, getting to the bottom of the condition is the first step in moving past it.

When you visit our office for your first 60-minute evaluation, you’ll leave with a diagnosis and treatment plan to help you gain control over whatever is causing your mood disorder.

Do You Experience Any of These Symptoms?

While it’s impossible to list every symptom that is associated with mood disorders, some of the most common include feeling sad more than usual and for longer periods than usual, losing interest in things that you once found enjoyable or pleasurable, and experiencing mood shifts that fluctuate between extreme feelings of happiness and sadness.

Even if you do not recognize yourself in the above list of symptoms for mood disorders, chances are the symptoms that you are experiencing can be successfully treated with the individualized, comprehensive psychiatric services our doctor provides to children, adolescents, and adults who want to achieve a better quality of life through counseling, medication therapy, or a combination of both.

The First Step is to Ask for Help

When you choose Texas Psychiatric Associates as your partner to help conquer your mood disorder, you’ll benefit from the multi-disciplinary care provided by our physician who is board certified in both General Psychiatry and Child/Adolescent Psychiatry, which means patients of all ages who are experiencing mood disorders in Richardson can be treated from one central location.

Take the first step now, and make an appointment for mood disorder treatment near you.

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