Dr. Tayyaba and the entire staff truly are amazing. Our son Parker has been a hard case to crack. He is on the spectrum and has ADHD and finding the right regiment of medicines to make him a happy, functional, kiddo has not been an easy task. We have been to a different psych before and honestly they were not invested in what was best for Parker. Dr. T took the time to bond with him, understand his struggles and our frustrations and worries and really work hard to make sure he is successful. We live in ft worth and drive to Richardson because our relationship and the care and kindness she puts into caring for Parker is above and beyond. She has answered my panicked calls and called in between patients just to make sure Parker was ok. She has been patient, innovated, kind, and I cannot recommend her enough, especially to those with autistic children who don’t check the boxes of typical medicine regiments.

– Melissa H

I’ve been going to Texas Psychiatry Associates for a few months now and have had a fantastic experience with the staff in general! I was seeing Veronica at first, but she recently left the practice; I just had my first appointment with Dr. Tayyaba yesterday, and it couldn’t have gone better. She was able to pick up where Veronica left off immeditealy! She’s incredibly kind and very receptive towards any problems, concerns, and goals a patient has! She emphasizes both a simplified medication regime and healthy lifestyle choices! I was worried when switching over from Veronica, because it can be difficult to find psychiatrists that I can put trust into, but all my worries have been quelled! It really is a fantastic place!

– Riley S

Dr. Talat Tayyaba is an excellent doctor. I came here looking for a diagnosis on ADHD and she was extremely understanding and attentive. My mom had a lot of concerns about medication and she was able to answer every single question and was also extremely reassuring.

– Kevin L

Dr. Talat Tayyaba is the best of the best for my son. Dr. Talat Tayyaba could not have been more compassionate and understanding from day one. My son was too anxious to go meet her in her office, and she was kind enough to come meet him in the parking lot. She saw my concern with medication and made me feel very comfortable making that decision. My son is now so much better. He has his life back, and I could not be happier. Dr. Talat Tayyaba follows up with us every three months, and I could not be more thankful for her help and expertise.

– Salman H

I’ve had a great experience with Dr. Tayyaba and her staff; Dr. Tayyaba is easy to talk to, and you can tell she cares about what you’re saying.

– Daniel D

Staff is always friendly, professional, and helpful. Dr is amazing, caring, thoughtful, and professional. Always attentive. Never rushed.

– Krsti K

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